10 April 2018


ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) is a medical humanitarian NGO that today operates in 10 countries in Africa to treat 2,500 patients every day, of which 80% are children under 5.  

ALIMA combines the medical expertise of international humanitarian workers with that of national medical NGOs and research institutes from around the world to bring quality medical aid to the most vulnerable and to conduct research projects that will allow for the improvement of humanitarian medicine.

By participating in the Home Summit Home challenge, you can help ALIMA fund:

  • Responses to emergencies, such as the Lassa fever outbreak that has raged in Nigeria since December 2017
  • Projects to reduce child mortality, such as the 1,000 Days project in Niger, that aims to reinforce available medical care for children from conception to the age of two.
  • Maternal Health projects, such as the supporting the maternity in Boda, Central African Republic.