A superhuman humanitarian challenge

The premise of the Home Summit Home challenge is to build a team of 2 to 5 people, who will reach the summit of a mountain higher than 4,000 meters, starting from the place of residence of one of the team’s members, using only muscular strength, and return to the point of departure.

This challenge is not a race, each team defines its own program according to their starting point and their ambitions. The goal: don’t miss the rendezvous at the summit on July 3, 2018!


The challenge must be done without assistance, and the participants will not use motorized transport. Everything must be done while respecting the environment.

The funds raised by each team will be donated to the NGO ALIMA to fund medical humanitarian projects.


Climbers who get involved and organize their own challenge to raise money for medical humanitarian actions

Teams organize their own challenge, evaluate the risks and act accordingly. As a result, teams are responsible for their own security, as they are best able to evaluate the risks. This is not a competition, the team’s security should remain the priority. And with reduced organization costs, money raised can be used for humanitarian medical action.

The Home Summit Home values

Respect for the places we move through.

In the spirit of ALIMA’s teams who join and come from the people we aid, teams climb to the summits without deteriorating, without polluting, and most of the participants come from the area, which they love.


ALIMA is founded on partnerships, teams symbolize this interdependence and solidarity.

Pushing the limits to help others.

Humanitarian commitment requires a strong personal investment. Team members, as well, will take on this enormous sporting challenge that will require their total commitment.