Advice from our specialists


  • The point of departure is the same place as the point of arrival
  • The point of departure must be the residence of at least 1 member of the team
  • The challenge must be done as a team – 2 to 5 members – without replacements, or relays
  • The number of participants per summit is limited to 30 people
  • Participants must respect safety regulations
  • Motorized transport is forbidden
  • Teams may replenish provisions en route
  • Teams may use accomodation


The Home Summit Home is an extreme challenge and climbing a 4,000 meter summit is not an activity that is possible for everyone. To participate in this challenge, you must be an experienced climber and be able to handle being on a mountain on your own for several hours. Mountain weather conditions can change quickly, and some climbs are known to be particularly challenging, so climbers must remain vigilant and be ready to face any situation.

This project can only take place in favorable weather conditions. As a result if, during the window from July 3 to 10, conditions are not favorable in the Alps or the Pyrenees, the Home Summit Home will be cancelled.
Each team is responsible for its own security during the Home Summit Home challenge. A GPS tracking system will be set up, but security remains above all everyone’s responsibility: each person must be careful, in their actions and their attitude, to not endanger the lives of themselves or others.

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